Eskil Ljungberg 1886 - 1985

Location of the grave of Knight of Bahá'u'lláh to the Faroe Islands,
Eskil Engelebert Joachim Ljungberg 1886 - 1985.

Eskil lived in Tórshavn from 1953 until his death on 23 February 1985. 

His grave is in Tórshavn cemetery undir Heygnum Mikla
Grave number: 1725 in row 11

Entering  the top gate (on Velbastaðvegur)  follow the path to the left and you will find the grave a short way along the 3rd path to the right.

Grave number: 1725 in section F, row 11.

The distinctive eagle topped column makes the grave easy to find.

Entering the main gate (on Í Víka off Velbastaðvegur) walk to section F, which is the 2nd section after the chapel, and then on to row 11 . You will find the grave a short way along on your right.

View of the cemetary with a circle round grave.

"I am Thy servant, O lord"